IP is: October 25, 2016   
SeaWolves General Meeting
SeaWolves are at Defcon

Welcome to the SeaWolves Tactical Assault Team (S.T.A.T.)
Welcome to the Seawolves Tactical Assault Team or S.T.A.T. *S* Greetings Guests, past Soldiers and current serving Soldiers of STAT.

I am FADM Kure, the latest serving Seawolves Fleet Admiral. MY experience with STAT goes back many years where i rose from enlisted soldier to officer Playing in SWSF in Delta Force so I understand about being a Soldier in STAT and the training and doing skill courses in your sim. Seawolves Tactical Assault Team is one the oldest military communities on the internet and I pay tribute to the Commanding Officers who ran it in the past to make it Great.

Next year Seawolves will have its 20 year anniversary. I would like to ask you to help us to celebrate that tradition and keep it alive. Seawolves STAT only works if it has people to make it do so and I am asking if you would like you to return to and help us build up STAT to something like we had before. Return to STAT to share in the comraderie and fun we all had and make it "The best of the best." As part of my new philosophy for Seawolves we are going to streamline it so it�s more gamer specific. In the past we have "scored" all your games and filled out "reports" in order to do that. I will abolish that. It�s all about bringing back the fun to our organization. I will still maintain that heavy emphasis on "Competition" and PVP as well. So we will look to games that give competition with people and AI and also games where you can go squad to squad against each other or Army vs Navy. We will also look to challenge other units outside STAT so you can again say you are the Best of the Best.

Team Games in STAT we will support will be:

1. World of Tanks 3

2. Call of Duty Black Ops III

3. Counter Strike Global Offensive

This list is subject to change depending on the needs of the members.

We will be using a STAT (seawolves tactical assault team) steam group where we can send announcements and reminders of events and games as well as our TeamSpeak which is now operational at eurots3.gameservers.com:9195 still under construction but working and also our forum which is still being developed. I'm hopeing we can overhaul the website and get a new one that will currently reflect our needs but I am only one man and need your help if seawolves is to reopen. We will have a Meeting in Teamspeak on july 2nd at 7pm CST, 2016 of all people interested in seawolves and getting it back up and running. Bring your ideas and your skills and see if we can build a better future.

We in STAT are know as "The Best of the Best" but we are only as strong as our weakest link.

If you want to be a link in our Chain and make us stronger,

Join Now and start your Journey, A Journey you will never forget.


Games We Support

  Leif_dk BG to GEN  
  Venom420 MG to GEN  
  Nfmz1 WO1 to 1LT  
  Solidsnake SFC to WO1  
  Iowtheme BG to BG